The Best Eyelash Extension Secrets Fuller, Tinted Or Lifted Lashes

Eyelash extensions are the secret to thick, fluttering lashes that make your eyes the focal point of your face. The adhesive is used to stick individual lashes to each natural lash. The look can be adapted to your unique style by choosing the length, thickness, and color of the eyelash.

Similar to extensions for your hair, application of eyelash extensions includes joining new filaments to existing hair. Singular lashes or small groups of lashes are painstakingly joined to your common lashes or your lash line. You for the most part have the alternative to pick the length, shading, and twist of the lashes.

You can pick a strong and emotional look or something increasingly quelled; it altogether relies upon your own inclinations. This procedure is typically fast and easy. It will take roughly one hour for the application.

Extensions are incredible for increasing volume, twist, and length, particularly if you have scanty, obstinate lashes that reverse to their common shape in any event, when utilizing mascara and stylers. It would appear that you have bogus eyelashes without making a glue and undergoing proper self-application.

Likewise, you should put forth a cognizant attempt to avoid the oil as long as your eyelashes are set up. So recollect not to utilize oil-based cosmetics remover when wearing eyelash extensions. Additionally, you should be mindful so as not to rub your eyes.

Eyelash Lift

An eyelash lift or perm is an easy process where a compound dependent on keratin (a protein made up of amino acids) is applied to your normal eyelashes to keep them wavy.

The outcomes will rely upon how your eyelashes take the treatment. This can last around a quarter of a year. With an eyelash lift, it creates the image of longer eyelashes in light of the fact that your eyelashes are twisted upward. All things considered, despite the fact that you get the additional definition with an eyelash lift, they don’t have  similar drama as the extensions.

At the point when you have extensions, you ought to be cautious about the eye cosmetics removers you utilize and be mindful so as not to rub your eyes, however with an eyelash lift, the main thing you should consider is to keep your eyelashes from getting wet for 24 hours.

From that point forward, you can do anything you would do with your regular eyelashes. So you don’t need to stress over oil based goods in case you’re not prepared to surrender it.

Tinted Lashes

A tint is applied to your lashes to obscure their normal shading and improve the definition and length of regular lashes – ideal for opening up the presence of the eyes.

The greatest advantage of an eyelash lift is the time you spare from your beauty schedule. Furthermore, in the event that you pass through mascara tubes, it can even set aside you cash over the long haul.

They typically last about a month and are normally done after a permanent eyelash. In the event that you have straight eyelashes, consider doing an eyelash lift before getting an eyelash shade to capitalize on the treatment.

Here at Dr. V’s NYC Medical Spa, we offer eyelash extension applications, and advice on aftercare of your lashes to keep it in good condition.

How Much Does Botox Cost?

Botulinum Toxin Type A, which is known as Botox, was approved in the year 2002 for cosmetic use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and was branded as a safe and temporary solution for smoothing wrinkles. It is derived from the same neurotoxin known for causing botulism; botulism is an illness that paralyzes muscles and can be very fatal.

However, despite the botulism being in question, Botox injection still gains popularity and continues to be the most popular non-surgical solution for fighting wrinkles, as well as a treatment for excessive sweating and chronic migraines as studies say. A lot of people especially the ladies, desire to have that smooth looking face; it always makes them more attractive and beautiful even when they have not yet applied makeup. This extends to the men also, infact Botox is not a gender-based application, and thus anyone can decide to have it. Botox is one of the famously used methods by well know celebrities to smoothen their faces but alot of people don’t actually know the cost because whatever is used by a celebrity will always be branded as expensive. They brand them expensive even without trying to investigate if it is expensive or not. Botox is certified by medical doctors and, until now, does not have a side effect apart from pains during the injection process. Apart from being a wrinkle treatment, Botox can also be used in treating different medical conditions. These conditions are;

  • Bladder spasm
  • Uncontrollable blinking
  • Muscle spasm/ contracture
  • Misaligned eyes or “cross-eyed.”
  • Cervical dystonia
  • Migraine headaches
  • Achalasia
  • Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis

So How Does Botox Work And How Long Does It Last?

Botox injections work by paralyzing or weakening certain muscles or by blocking certain nerves in the body. The effects of these injections last about three to four months, depending on the one you opted for. Till today there has never been an official severe side effect of Botox injections apart from the usual pain at the injection site, headache, flu-like symptoms and upset stomach.

How Much Does Botox Cost?

The cost of Botox varies; some clinics choose to charge per area others per unit and. However, the average price is about $20 per unit; so literally, a single treatment with 30 units would cost about $600. That typically should cover only one area on the face, and some people may need as many as 60 units per area depending if they have a lot of wrinkles to get rid of.

In conclusion, Botox is highly recommended if one wants to get that smooth glowing skin in his or her face, it has been certified and cleared of side effect and it doesn’t require any complicated medical surgery or whatsoever to get it done. So contact your local Botox treatments doctor or physician to get yourself one whenever you are ready.

How PRP Injections Can Regrow Hair

Hair Loss is one of the most common conditions affecting a substantial percentage of the world’s population. This dilemma is so inevitable that both men and women of all races across the globe get to witness this at some stage in their life. Many people who are severely suffering from a hair loss problem, think that their issue remains unsolved until they become bald ultimately. Instead of accepting this sad fact of life gracefully, there’s a new light of victory in fighting hair loss. The latest research and studies reveal that the Platelet-rich plasma therapy aside been used for skin rejuvenation can undoubtedly help people regain much of their former hirsute charm. You might as well see PRP doctors get this fantastic PRP hair regrowth treatment.

PRP Treatment Procedure

The PRP hair regrowth process is a simple and straightforward one. First, your PRP doctor gets to withdraw blood from your body. In order to retrieve the plasma from the blood, the tube of blood is put into a centrifuge machine, which then spins the blood tube to separate the blood components from the plasma. These extracted platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is injected into the scalp of the patient, or in some cases, it is applied to the affected areas only. The entire treatment takes only but some minutes to an hour.

Does it hurt? Of course, it does, but just a little. Also, you might experience slight itching and even numb swelling at the injected part. It, however, disappears after a couple of days. The PRP Hair Regrowth therapy is not a one-off thing; you need to back it up with periodic treatments. Typically, the plasma injection is administered every three to four months for a couple of years. Your local PRP doctor will schedule the therapy session for you, subject to your genetics, pattern, and amount of hair loss, age, and hormones.

How It Works

One of the most common types of hair loss is androgenic alopecia, which affects both men and women. Over the last few years, several studies have portrayed PRP treatment as been efficient in increasing hair count, hair thickness, and the growth phase of the hair cycle.

Once the PRP has been injected into theaffected area of your scalp, several biological processes that stimulate hair regrowth has been activated. Your blood platelets are a unique cell that can potentially lead to the growth of the hair follicles by stimulating the stem cells and other cells that inhabit the hair follicle. It also stimulates inactive hair follicles. Aside from boosting the growth of new hair, it promotes thickening of already existing hair.

Side Effects

Generally, the PRP hair regrowth treatment comes with no dangerous side effects. All credit to the fact that it’s your blood that will be used; however, due to the process of its administration, anyone planning for a PRP hair regrowth therapy should lookout for these signs.

  • Headache
  • Mild bruising
  • Slight pain
  • Itching

Bottom Line

Although the platelet-rich plasma for hair loss is relatively new, a large number of people have already benefited from this treatment. It has proven effective and responsive in tackling hair fallout and stimulating growth and thickening of hair. Contact your local PRP doctor and give your hair a treat.

Best Iv Drip Treatments For The Winter

Wow, winter is here! But how prepared are you? The winter season comes with its goodies as well as its distasteful parts. Eventually, when we don’t decide what nature should throw at us, but the decision on what to do with it rests solely on us.

Winter brings with it flu, colds, and viruses that are generally undesirable. Shielding yourself from these unpleasant health complications is, therefore, paramount. When we are down with any side bags of winter, there are several ways that we can deal with it. The most conventional option ben going to the hospital or use over the counter medications. These options are not bad, but have you ever considered a perfect solution? IV cold and flu treatment is your most effective and timely remedy.

Who Needs IV Cold And Flu Treatment?

IV therapy varies according to health needs. The IV cold and flu treatment is basically, the best drugless option that will strengthen your immune system within a brief time interval. If you’re feeling less than your best or down with cold or flu, IV drip treatment is your reliable help.

Symptoms for cold include catarrh, blocked and running nose, fever, cough, and body ache occur for some individuals. Sometimes, the winter season can be blamed for your influenza, otherwise known as flu. Flu is a result of viral infection; it is more dangerous than cold,and it can spread very rapidly. Flu has similar symptoms as severe as cold, but also flu is more devastating.It can quickly develop into more complications and even cause death.

Treatment Procedure?

Your first step towards getting an IV treatment suitable for winter will be to consult with your doctor. This first step is so vital as it aids to ascertain suitability and the right selection of the needful IV ingredients. You share the notion that our IV treatments are more specialized and individualized; you are not far from the truth.

After the selection of the proper vitamins, minerals, and other hydrates, our seriously skilled and vast experienced health practitioner will administer the treatment directly to your body. IV infusion for cold and flu, just like every other IV therapy for different maladies, takes only but minutes. The maximum is around 30 to 40 minutes.

The treatment is entirely painless. Though you might experience a very tiny pinch as the needle is inserted, that’s if you’re the very sensitive type.

The results of the IV infusion take effect immediately after it’s been administered. To some, it will take 30 to 60 minutes. The benefits of IV cold, flu treatment endures over hours and subsequent days. Aside from getting you back to you again, it also makes you feel refreshed, invigorated and revitalized.

How It Works

The first consultation with your IV doctor will help determine the perfect mix of nutrients and medications that will function to rehydrate you, relieve you of pain and nausea and give you the much-needed energy to bounce back to your daily schedules.

The symptoms of cold and flu like cough, sinus congestion, and sore throat are caused by the body’s release of various inflammatory chemicals to combat the virus or bacteria. Your local IV therapy treatment includes with its nutrients and medications that are anti-inflammatory.

By the very nature of been administered orally (directly to your bloodstream), the IV, which comprises essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, will work to see you recover from symptoms of cold and flu.

Never let the winter tire you down. Let our experienced hands give you an IV therapy treatment, specially designed to meet your needs.


How Does Botox Really Work?

Botox cosmetic procedure has grown so much in popularity across the globe, yet it is very much tainted with different myths emanating from diverse sources. This non-surgical cosmetic procedure is surely a great idea to rejuvenate your face. If you are thinking about getting Botox, you need to have a complete understanding ofBotox cosmetic injections, what Botox does, and very importantly, how it works.

What Is Botox Injection?

The cosmetic form of botulinum toxin, Botox, is a popular non-surgical injection that offers a temporary solution to eliminating frown lines, forehead creases, crow’s feet near the eyes, frown lines around the mouth, and thick bands in the neck. The toxin effectively blocks the nerve impulses, in doing so, temporarily weakening the muscles that give out wrinkles while giving the skin a smoother and more refreshed appeal. However, wrinkles that result from sunburn or gravity are impervious to the Botox effect.

Who Needs Botox?

It is best advised for one to use Botox cosmetic injection in their 20s, given to the fact that the treatment works to the preventive formation of wrinkles and can’t take away the already formed facial lines. However, some class of people should not go for Botox treatment. Such a set of people includes pregnant and breastfeeding moms, asthmatic patients, and people with neurological disease. It is also not recommended to have Botox if you are planning to have any major beauty surgery or if you had any surgery not long ago. And more importantly, Botox is not effective for dealing with all kinds of wrinkles, its therefore necessary to consult with your physician before opting for Botox.

So, How Does Botox Work?

Botox is injected directly into the muscles of the face. Wrinkles in the facial skin are mostly formed right next to a muscle that is close to it. Usually, it forms beneath the muscle. When Botox is injected into those muscles,it restrains impulses made by the nerves from getting to the tissue, which generates to the wrinkles. It works to inhibit the contraction of the injected muscles, subsequently making the frown lines and other wrinkles to soften and relax.

How Is A Botox Procedure Done?

The non-surgical cosmetic treatment is injected with a fine needle into specific muscles. It does not necessarily require anesthesia. Well, if you are bothered about pains, the truth is that it hurts, but only a little. The procedure lasts for just some minutes. After this, you need to stay clear of some activities like exercise. You also need to lie down for a couple of hours and avoid certain medications like aspirin and ibuprofen.

How Long Does It Take For It To Take Effect?

It takes between 6 to 12 days for you to see the effects of your local Botox treatment. As I said earlier, it does not wipe away wrinkles, and not even all wrinkles can be erased by it. However, deep lines across your forehead, faint lines around the eyes, mouth, and across the forehead will be made more invisible.

How Long Will The Botox Last?

Botox is not a permanent miracle for facial wrinkles. Its effects only last for as long as 4 to 6 months. After this, muscle actions will reverse back, and wrinkles will follow suit.

The general results from Botox will always vary according to the skill and expertiseof the practitioner. Having the procedure carried out by an inexperienced physician can lead to less than satisfactory results. Always subscribe to a practitioner that knows what he is doing!


Hydrafacial Treatment: The Best Facial Treatment?

Everyone wants to stay forever young; however, it could be quite overwhelming, trying to keep your facial skin always smooth. The skin of your face is prone to damages that may result from stress or any environmental factors. This is has made the constant rejuvenation of the skin more than a mere necessity if you ever desire to have an ever glowing and smooth skin. A facial treatment can be an effective defense against telltale signs of aging.

What Is The Hydrafacial Treatment?

HydraFacial is one of the landmark inventions in the world of cosmetic treatment. It is a non-invasive facial treatment that works to clear the skin and bring out its natural radiance. Face lines, wrinkles, mild acne, hyper-pigmentation, clogged/enlarged pores, dark spots, and oily skin are all squarely tackled by this treatment.

Over time, the treatment procedure has gained so much in popularity as treatment is carried out every 15 minutes all over the world. The popularity of this procedure can be credited to the fact that it has virtually no downtime and can improve skin glow, hydration, and radiance in just minutes.

How It Works

The HydraFacial treatment procedure works with the help of a unique, spiral suction tip that sucks in the impurities so that the serum can be delivered deep into the pores of the skin. It is suitable for all kinds of skin. The technique employed in the treatment procedure, removes all kinds of blemishes, dead cells, and other impurities easily, giving you a clear and soft complexion that feels young and beautiful. The serums used in the procedure hydrates the skin, keeping moisturized and nourished feel. In a bid to exfoliate and hydrate the skin with no damage or pain, various antioxidants can be utilized.

The procedure takes around 30-45 minutes. In some cases, it may go for a little longer if it is being applied to a larger surface area. The technology can be applied on the neck, face, and chest, all depending on your choice. The possibility of applying this procedure all over the skin is not to be overruled yet. The results of the HydraFacial treatments are almost immediate; you need not stay housebound for hours.   As for side effects, they are not much known, and you need not worry about them. There’s always no or slight irritation which will also disappear in a matter of minutes (not more than 15 minutes).

The Hydrafacial process is a kind of hydradermabrasion procedure, quite unlike the microdermabrasion. It does not blast your skin with different chemicals; instead, it utilizes a serum that penetrates deep into the layers of your skin and removes all the dead cells and marks.

The multiple procedures in the treatment include;

  • The Cleansing Process

The preliminary stage involves the thorough cleansing of the skin. All the dead cells in the skin are exfoliated to permit a fresh and new layer of skin.

  • Acid Peel

The acid peel is employed to loosen all the dirt that is stuck to the skin. The peel diligently loosens it all without causing any irritation to the skin.

  • Extraction and Hydration

Once the acid peel has loosened the deep-set specks of dirt in the skin, the vortex suction is then used to extract the dirt. This suction aids in opening up the pores. Once the pores are opened, they are hydrated with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid in order to nourish the skin and make it look young and healthy.

Our team of qualified dermatologists is always at your service to offer you the best skin treatment that will meet your requirements way beyond your expectations. All your questions will be squarely answered at our service clinic. Contact us now!

Vein Treatments, where to start, which to choose

Most of the time, your veins do their job of bringing nutrients and whisking away toxins so seamlessly, you don’t even know they are there. It’s only when they’re not working properly that we suddenly notice our veins.

If you have spider veins or varicose veins, not only are they unsightly, but they can sometimes be painful also. Before you give up shorts forever and resign yourself to evenings on the couch with your feet up, you may want to look into treatment options. A pain free summer with fabulous looking legs could be as easy as trip to a vascular clinic.


Where to start

Finding treatment options begins with researching a good vascular clinic. There may be a number in your area, but your outcome may vary depending on who you go to see. You’ll want to find a clinic that cares about your outcome, and who is dedicated to the best possible outcome.

A good rule of thumb is to check reviews on the clinics in your area, and also call and ask questions. The information you should find out includes:

  • Are the doctors board-certified, skilled and experienced?
  • Do they have a full range of treatment options?
  • Have they treated your particular vein problem before?
  • Do they have free consults?

While you are speaking with them and during your consultation, pay attention to how you are treated. If they have poor bedside manners, this should be apparent. You don’t want to end up working with someone who is so brusque and uncomfortable, you’re afraid to bring your concerns to them.

Once you’ve found a clinic you feel comfortable with, the next step is to listen to the different options that are available, and make a decision on how you want to be treated.


There are a range of options available, some of these options include:

  • Sclerotherapy
  • Endovenous Laser treatment
  • Catheter-assisted procedures using radiofrequency or laser energy. …
  • Vein stripping. …
  • Micro phlebectomy
  • Endoscopic vein surgery.


What your doctor recommends will depend entirely on you and your history, as well as what the doctor is most experienced with. If the veins aren’t too severe, they may also recommend supportive therapies such as compression socks and other, less invasive methods of controlling the veins.

Talking with your doctor about what you hope to get out of it will help them figure out what to do for you, and will help you get back on the road to a life with healthy veins. We can’t control our bodies, or what our veins decide to do, but we can help make things better once annoying and painful spider veins or varicose veins do pop up.

If you’re suffering from one of these conditions, know that it is possible to get Spider Veins Treatment, and to get rid of those pesky and unsightly veins so you can go back to hot summer days wearing shorts without feeling self-conscious about it.

Best Vein Removal Methods: Sclerotherapy Vs Laser Vs Phlebectomy

Our veins provide a vital service to our bodies, pushing blood back to the heart. Sometimes factors such as genetics, weight, and even gravity itself can weaken blood vessels and cause undesirable effects. Varicose veins and spider veins are some of the unsightly results of these factors and can be uncomfortable as well as ugly.

There is nothing you can do to prevent varicose veins from happening, but there are some things you can do to reduce their appearance. The best bet is to simply put less strain on your veins. Losing weight can help, daily exercise can improve circulation health, and avoiding standing or sitting for long periods of time can also reduce the risks.

Another self-care tip is to wear compression stockings and elevate your legs when resting. These can all help reduce the symptoms of varicose and spider veins.

When varicose veins do become a problem, there are medical things you can do as well. Vascular clinics who specialize in vein removal can help reduce the unsightly appearance of your veins, and also the discomfort associated with them.



Sclerotherapy is the most common form of vein removal. During this simple procedure, the vein is injected with a chemical that irritates the vessel. For safety, you are observed for a few hours after treatment, and compression stockings are worn for 2-3 weeks. During this time the vein will stick together, blocking blood flow to the weekend veins. The result is better blood flow in the area, reduced swelling, and eventually, the disappearance of the veins.

You may need several treatments in order to complete the process.


Laser treatment

Laser treatment is another option to treat both spider veins and varicose veins. Laser therapy is strong enough to destroy the problem vein, but won’t damage the skin above it. This option will require slightly less time in compression socks, but you will have to avoid the sun during this process. Sun exposure to the area can result in dark spots developing on the skin.


Ambulatory Phlebectomy

This method of vein removal is less common but is used on those who prefer not to wait for their vein to disappear. In this procedure, the vein is hooked out of the leg with a crochet hook like device. The vein is immediately gone, and thus so is the visible lines.

This choice is not a good option for those who are on blood thinning medications, due to the risks associated with clotting.

There are a few other, more invasive options such as endoscopic vein surgery, but these are usually not the most desirable choices. They may require a longer recovery period, or cause minimal scarring. Talk to your doctor about your varicose or spider veins in order to determine what is the best choice for you.

A doctor can take a look at your health history and help you form a plan that is both good for your health and good for your appearance too.

Common Medicals Spa Services & Finding A Good One

Medical spas are a crossover between a traditional spa for relaxation and a medical clinic. They provide a relaxing spa experience while also incorporating medical expertise from a clinician. A medical spa is overseen by a doctor, to give you peace of mind that you are in the hands of qualified experts. Any medical treatments done at a medical spas are done by healthcare professionals under the watch of a physician. While medical spas offer facials, massages and beauty treatments much like a normal spa- they also offer procedures that you’d usually see only in a doctors practice. Not only is a medical spa relaxing, but they can also improve your health, well-being and perform cosmetic procedures.

A medical spa can be a good option if you have anxiety over being in a medical environment. Some people have such a phobia of doctors’ offices that they have a panic attack, or even faint- simply from walking through the door. Medical spas tend to have serene, more luxurious interior décor and a chilled-out vibe. This makes getting medical treatments a lot more stress-free, allowing you to unwind both before and after the procedure.

You may be wondering what kind of treatments medical spas have to offer that traditional spas don’t do. Here are some examples of things you can get done at a medical spa.


Liposuction is a procedure that can slim and reshape parts of your body. Fat is removed from the body by suction through a tube and can be done under either general or local anesthesia. It varies depending on how much fat is being removed. Liposuction procedures are a miracle cure for those who are severely overweight. It works for those who are within 30 per cent of their ideal weight and have firm, elastic skin with no cellulite. If you’re looking to get Liposuction at a medical spa, you have to make sure that the person performing it is a doctor. Many rip-off companies will lure you in with cheaper prices, only to have an unqualified person do the procedure. This could bring huge harm to your health and appearance.


Injecting Botulinum Toxin A removes wrinkles from the skin, and it most commonly used to reduce facial lines. It’s hugely popular nowadays, and it’s rare to see a celeb who hasn’t had it done. Since it involves sticking needles into the skin, it is recommended that at the very least- a registered nurse carries out the procedure. These days, you see many hair and nail salons offering to do Botox- and this is a recipe for disaster. Before getting Botox, a doctor at the medical spa should screen you to make sure you don’t have any condition that would make the treatment unsafe. For example, those with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, blurred vision or disorder of the peripheral nerves shouldn’t be getting Botox. By going to a medical spa, you can be assured that what you’re getting done has been approved by a doctor.


Hydrotherapy, in basic terms, is doing exercises in a body of water- usually a pool. The pools pressure and temperature are carefully controlled for maximum results. Hydrotherapy can help strengthen and ease the muscles in those with chronic conditions. It can be useful for those with arthritis, back pain, poor muscle tone and even those who have had limb/hip replacements. The warmth of the water relaxes muscles and eases the pain, whilst the water supports your weight- allowing you to exercise without putting a strain on joints. The resistance of the water is perfect for training up weak muscles, giving some people more ability to move. To get hydrotherapy treatment that works, make sure it’s done by a licensed therapist. By going to somebody who isn’t a physiotherapist, you run the risk of hydrotherapy not doing anything, or even making your condition worse.

Finding a reputable spa

Finding a reputable medical spa is very important. By going somewhere that’s cheap but unqualified/unlicensed, you run the risk of something bad happening. We’ve all seen the photos of botched Botox and other cosmetic procedures. You may think you’re saving money, but in the long run, you’ll be spending 3 times the amount to fix your mistake. Here are some tips for choosing your perfect medical spa.

  • Check who owns the spa. Is the spa owned by a licensed doctor? If so, do they oversee all medical procedures? These are questions you have to ask before booking in for any treatment. Don’t be afraid, any med-spa worth your time won’t have a problem answering these simple inquiries.
  • Don’t go to one spa for all of your treatments. Some spas are better than others at certain things or specialize in one niche- such as fillers, hair transplantation or medical facials. While one spa may have the best Botox technician around, they may not be up to date on laser hair removal technology. Read reviews, and remember to ask lots of questions to each spa you’re considering.
  • Research, research and more research. Before you get any treatment available at a medical spa, make sure you understand it thoroughly first. Weigh up the benefits of the treatment against the potential risks it holds, and learn how it’s actually done. Also, think about whether you could manage the aftercare- because it’s not as simple of getting a treatment done and that’s it. By jumping in ignorant- you leave yourself much more vulnerable to scams and shoddy jobs.

We hope that this article has given you a greater understanding of the medical spa world- what they are, what they do and what to look out for when choosing one. Medical spas can be an amazing way to relax your mind, whilst receiving care that will enhance your beauty or quality of life. But it’s a double-edged sword. In a small minority of cases, medi-spas can be really harmful to your appearance and health. Make sure you research what you’re doing, and only visit a reputable establishment.

Call or visit us today to learn about our wide selection of med-spa treatments at: Dr V’s NY Med-Spa; Botox & Scar Laser Treatments 106-15 Queens Boulevard #B15 Forest Hills, NY 11375 (917) 789-6963

Body Sculpting vs Coolsculpting vs Trusculpt 3d

Are you looking to improve your figure and get rid of that stubborn fat? Body contour procedures are growing more and more in popularity in recent years. Many celebs, like Jennifer Aniston, Mariah Carey and Khloe Kardashian are all jumping on the trend.

If you’re wanting to get some fat reducing body contouring done, but are new to the whole thing- it can be pretty confusing. There are so many treatment options on the market today, and it’s hard to understand the differences between them. In this article, we are going to go over 3 non-invasive options for quickly improving your figure, discuss how they work and consider which may be best for you.

Cool sculpting

Also known as Cryolipolysis, Coolsculpting (CS) involves a plastic surgeon using a device to freeze fat cells under the skin. This destroys the fat cells, and over time, they are gradually broken down by our body and removed from our system. Results aren’t instant, but they’re definitely significant. The body removes fat cells gradually, over weeks and weeks- and clients have shown fat loss of up to 25 percent. Coolsculpting usually costs around $1000 per treatment.

Approved by the FDA, Coolscultping is generally considered to be a safe procedure. It comes with minimal side effects, such as:

  • Minor swelling
  • Redness and tenderness of the treated area
  • Bruising
  • Diarrhea as the body gets rid of cells

In the worst case scenario, those who have had Coolsculpting could get Paradoxial adipose hyperplasia (PAH) in the treatment area. While it’s very rare, it’s important to be informed about it. PAH is when the fat cells grow larger rather than get destroyed. You could be left with a large swelling on the body that doesn’t go away on its own. While PAH isn’t usually a health risk- it can completely ruin self-esteem and body image.

Unlike invasive, intense plastic surgeries- patients of Cryolipolysis can usually resume their normal activities as soon as the procedure is done. It doesn’t come with the difficult aftercare you’d need from a traditional surgery such as lipo. It’s a lot less painful, too. Some people don’t have the time to wait out recovery, or simply can’t manage the pain. Coolsculpting is a good option for those people.

Coolsculpting is best used on certain parts of the body- it won’t work everywhere. Generally, people get Coolscultping done on their abdomen, thighs, chin/neck, armpits, back and buttocks.  Generally, it takes 3 sessions to achieve desired results, but patients can expect to see up to 25 percent fat loss after one session.

Body Sculpting

Also known as SculpSure, body sculpting is very similar to Coolsculptng in concept. Fat cells under the skin are destroyed, processed by the liver and removed from the body. However, the difference between Coolscultping and Bodysculpting is the method used to destroy the fat cells. Body sculpting doesn’t use targeted cold temperatures, it uses advanced laser technology. It kind of works the opposite way to Coolsculptng. Instead of the fat cells being frozen to death, they are heated to death. In the same vein as Coolsculpting, results from body-sculpting can’t be seen overnight. The results will come on over time as the body removes dead fat cells.

Again, like Coolsculpting, Bodysculpting is approved by the FDA and considered medically safe. Body-sculpting normally costs a little less than Coolsculpting, but is there a cost for this lower price point? Not really, in fact- you may be better off going for Laser-induced body-sculpting.

Unlike Coolsculpting, which can only focus on one area at a time- bodysculpting can work on 4 areas all at once. It’s also much quicker treatment and can be over in as little as 15 minutes. The applicators used in Sculpture reduce the side effects seen more heavily in Coolsculpting. It uses flat applicators, unlike the more distressing suction applicators seen in CS. The flat applicator is less involved with the skin- reducing swelling, redness and bruising.

No procedure comes without risks, though. Paradoxical Apidose Hyperplasia could happen with any of these 3 treatments, and it’s something you’ll always have to consider before undergoing any of these body contouring methods.

Trusculpt 3D

While Coolsculpting uses targeted cold temperature, and bodyculpting uses laser technology- Trusculpt 3d uses radio frequencies to heat fat tissues to 45-47degrees. Again, it works pretty much the same as the other 2 body contouring methods. The fat cells are destroyed, and the body removes them over time.

Targeted radio frequencies have been used in the medical world for years as a cancer treatment. Trusculpt 3d is considered medically safe and is said to come with the least amount of side effects out of the three treatments. Radio frequencies penetrate deeper and avoid the surface skin more than in CS and BS, lowering the risk of a burning sensation. Of course, the risk of Paradoxial Apidose Hyperplasia is always there- but the risk is reduced with Trusculpt 3d.

It is also said that Trusculpt 3d has a wider range of applicators suitable for more body types. If you’ve found no luck with Coolsculpting or Bodyculpting- Trusculpt 3d may be the option you’ve been missing out on.


Whichever of these treatments you decide to go with, the most important thing is doing your research. This article has outlined the basics of each procedure. However, if you’re seriously considering investing time and risk- make sure you understand the ins and out of each treatment before going through with it. It is vital that you go to a real, qualified plastic surgeon. There are places that may tempt you with lower price points, but remember- if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. It’s not worth putting your appearance and health at risk for the sake of saving a few dollars. We hope we’ve been able to give you a good insight into the world of Coolsculpting, Bodysculpting and Trusculpt 3D. We wish you the best of luck in your journey.

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