Common Medicals Spa Services & Finding A Good One

Medical spas are a crossover between a traditional spa for relaxation and a medical clinic. They provide a relaxing spa experience while also incorporating medical expertise from a clinician. A medical spa is overseen by a doctor, to give you peace of mind that you are in the hands of qualified experts. Any medical treatments done at a medical spas are done by healthcare professionals under the watch of a physician. While medical spas offer facials, massages and beauty treatments much like a normal spa- they also offer procedures that you’d usually see only in a doctors practice. Not only is a medical spa relaxing, but they can also improve your health, well-being and perform cosmetic procedures.

A medical spa can be a good option if you have anxiety over being in a medical environment. Some people have such a phobia of doctors’ offices that they have a panic attack, or even faint- simply from walking through the door. Medical spas tend to have serene, more luxurious interior décor and a chilled-out vibe. This makes getting medical treatments a lot more stress-free, allowing you to unwind both before and after the procedure.

You may be wondering what kind of treatments medical spas have to offer that traditional spas don’t do. Here are some examples of things you can get done at a medical spa.


Liposuction is a procedure that can slim and reshape parts of your body. Fat is removed from the body by suction through a tube and can be done under either general or local anesthesia. It varies depending on how much fat is being removed. Liposuction procedures are a miracle cure for those who are severely overweight. It works for those who are within 30 per cent of their ideal weight and have firm, elastic skin with no cellulite. If you’re looking to get Liposuction at a medical spa, you have to make sure that the person performing it is a doctor. Many rip-off companies will lure you in with cheaper prices, only to have an unqualified person do the procedure. This could bring huge harm to your health and appearance.


Injecting Botulinum Toxin A removes wrinkles from the skin, and it most commonly used to reduce facial lines. It’s hugely popular nowadays, and it’s rare to see a celeb who hasn’t had it done. Since it involves sticking needles into the skin, it is recommended that at the very least- a registered nurse carries out the procedure. These days, you see many hair and nail salons offering to do Botox- and this is a recipe for disaster. Before getting Botox, a doctor at the medical spa should screen you to make sure you don’t have any condition that would make the treatment unsafe. For example, those with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, blurred vision or disorder of the peripheral nerves shouldn’t be getting Botox. By going to a medical spa, you can be assured that what you’re getting done has been approved by a doctor.


Hydrotherapy, in basic terms, is doing exercises in a body of water- usually a pool. The pools pressure and temperature are carefully controlled for maximum results. Hydrotherapy can help strengthen and ease the muscles in those with chronic conditions. It can be useful for those with arthritis, back pain, poor muscle tone and even those who have had limb/hip replacements. The warmth of the water relaxes muscles and eases the pain, whilst the water supports your weight- allowing you to exercise without putting a strain on joints. The resistance of the water is perfect for training up weak muscles, giving some people more ability to move. To get hydrotherapy treatment that works, make sure it’s done by a licensed therapist. By going to somebody who isn’t a physiotherapist, you run the risk of hydrotherapy not doing anything, or even making your condition worse.

Finding a reputable spa

Finding a reputable medical spa is very important. By going somewhere that’s cheap but unqualified/unlicensed, you run the risk of something bad happening. We’ve all seen the photos of botched Botox and other cosmetic procedures. You may think you’re saving money, but in the long run, you’ll be spending 3 times the amount to fix your mistake. Here are some tips for choosing your perfect medical spa.

  • Check who owns the spa. Is the spa owned by a licensed doctor? If so, do they oversee all medical procedures? These are questions you have to ask before booking in for any treatment. Don’t be afraid, any med-spa worth your time won’t have a problem answering these simple inquiries.
  • Don’t go to one spa for all of your treatments. Some spas are better than others at certain things or specialize in one niche- such as fillers, hair transplantation or medical facials. While one spa may have the best Botox technician around, they may not be up to date on laser hair removal technology. Read reviews, and remember to ask lots of questions to each spa you’re considering.
  • Research, research and more research. Before you get any treatment available at a medical spa, make sure you understand it thoroughly first. Weigh up the benefits of the treatment against the potential risks it holds, and learn how it’s actually done. Also, think about whether you could manage the aftercare- because it’s not as simple of getting a treatment done and that’s it. By jumping in ignorant- you leave yourself much more vulnerable to scams and shoddy jobs.

We hope that this article has given you a greater understanding of the medical spa world- what they are, what they do and what to look out for when choosing one. Medical spas can be an amazing way to relax your mind, whilst receiving care that will enhance your beauty or quality of life. But it’s a double-edged sword. In a small minority of cases, medi-spas can be really harmful to your appearance and health. Make sure you research what you’re doing, and only visit a reputable establishment.

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