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We are proud to announce our monthly specials on three select med-spa services. This month’s specials are on PRP hair and facial injection treatments, IV Drip Hydration, and Botox procedures. New York City residents can visit the respective pages and order online now or call us to schedule at the advertised rates at our office or at your place.

Dr. V. Abayev and his award winning Medical Spa team in Queens prides itself on the fact that our medical services are provided by a double board certified anesthesiologist at prices that are more appealing than other services who are sending you nurses and health practitioners that are not actual physicians. We also offer in-home or at your offices services which work great with your busy New York City paced schedules. We are a full service medical spa with no if’s and’s or but’s. From Scar & Acne Laser Treatments, Micro-needling and Body Contouring – we do it all.


“Dr. Abayev comes from an interesting background being board certified in two different specialties and completing two different residencies- anesthesiology and internal medicine. He is a great physician who is highly trained, very knowledgable and compassionate. You will notice he always has a smile on and good sense of humor, showing that he really cares. He also gives great Botox treatments!

Highly recommended!!”

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