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For decades, women have been trying to attain beautiful eyebrows through the use of everything from pencils, vitamins, pigments and chemicals. In recent years, Microblading has became the new standard for treating severely damaged, thin or sparse eyebrows and can even turn the nicest eyebrows into perfect ones.

The organic pigments used in Microblading are designed to match your original eyebrow color. You can enjoy fuller, natural and flawless eyebrows without all the headache involved in makeup or other daily treatments. With Microblading, regardless of the thickness of your current eyebrows you are sure to enjoy natural hair like strokes.

After about a year we recommend small touch-up procedures to keep your perfect eyebrows intact. This non-invasive procedure is simple and comes with little or no pain. For most, it simply feels like someone is scratching or tickling their eyebrows. Call us today and learn more about our custom “permanent makeup” treatments today.

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