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Hair loss is one of the most common issues affecting both men and women across the US. And while there are quite a few different hair loss treatments out there – all claiming to have found the secret to restoring your youthful locks, few, if any, actually offer the benefits of a treatment such as PRP Hair Restoration!

Using scientifically-backed platelet-rich plasma therapy, PRP Hair Restoration relies on the body’s own restorative nature and stem cell growth factors to help invigorate damaged and dead hair follicles. Rich in these specialized stem cell growth factors, the plasma is extracted from the patient’s own blood! And once it is treated using a specialized process, and vital compounds are extracted, the solution is formulated and reinfected into the patient’s scalp and thus the hair follicles!

If you are suffering from lost or thinning hair, its vital that you contact Dr. V and My MD Spa, as soon as possible! The sooner your hair loss is addressed, the better your results will be! PRP Hair Restoration has been shown to help strengthen thinning or damaged hair follicles, helping to stimulate the growth of new, healthy hair, faster and more effectively than many other treatments! And without the need for chemicals and strange ‘snake-oil’ compounds – all natural, and from your very own body! For more information on PRP Hair Restoration, and other treatments, be sure to contact My MD Spa today!

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