When it comes to aesthetic enhancement, especially when discussing minimally invasive methods oftentimes, body treatments are ignored, as most treatments available at your local medical spa are geared towards the face and skin. However, the body is a vital aspect of your overall aesthetic, and body contouring and sculpting are some of the most in-demand facets of aesthetic enhancement. While many patients rely on full-fledged surgical methods for body contouring, Dr. V and his now offer one of the most effective body contouring treatments around today – TruSculpt 3D!


TruSculpt is a revolutionary method of body contouring and sculpting, that helps men and women to achieve their desired figure, by trimming, toning, and tightening areas throughout the body – even your worst problem areas! Utilizing some of the most innovative aesthetic technology, TruSculpt offers multiple treatment levels, all designed to target and eliminate your unwanted fat along the body.

TruSculpt uses non-invasive RF or radiofrequency technology, to emit waves that penetrate the skin’s surface, and help to eradicate unwanted fatty tissue, and cells. This treatment works on your worst problem areas, from the stomach, abdomen area, to the love handles, hips, thighs, arms, and much more! Most patients, they can expect visible results within 6 to 8 weeks of treatment. For many patients results have been amazing, accounting for upwards of 20% fat reduction in thickness in only one treatment cycle.



The TruSculpt system is safe, and effective non-invasive fat reduction treatment that helps patients to trim, tone and tighten their worst problem areas – allowing men and women to achieve the tight body contours and overall physique they’ve always wanted. The RF device, emits waves that penetrate beneath the skin’s surface and target unwanted fat cells.

The RF treatment raises the temperature of the surface skin and inner fatty tissue. Generally the procedure is only about 15-30 minutes in length, depending upon the size and area to be treated. Patients can read a book, use their phone, answer emails and won’t feel any discomfort during this time! For most patients results will be visible following only one session! However, many patients choose to undergo multiple sessions in order to tweak and alter their results and experience the maximum experience of TruSculpt.


No Side Effects, Downtime, or Discomfort!
Some of the benefits are that patients will get the fat reduction they want, without any downtime, minimally, if any, side effects, and they barely feel the treatment. Aside from the warmth of the RF device emission, which many have likened to a hot stone massage, there is absolutely no pain or discomfort associated!


The fact is that following the procedure, patients will generally feel a warm, flushed feeling along the treatment area, that will generally disappear within an hour or so. The treatment area may be somewhat sensitive to the tough for the next few days, but this will not stop you from taking part in normal daily activities. It is advised that patients avoid the use of any topicals, and avoid anything that might damage the area for the next day or so, but otherwise they can take part in normal activities and even visit the gym and get a workout in!


In general, patients will continually to see their results improve from the moment their session has been completed, all the way until about 12 weeks after. Most patients will see their results stay on for quite a long time, especially if they keep a balanced, healthy diet, and a strong exercise and fitness regimen.

With TruSculpt, a lot of patients have made it a part of their overall aesthetic routine, and while procedures can be spaced 3-6 months apart, in conjunction with regular diet and exercise, patients can see their results continually advance and TruSculpt can be considered a valuable part of their overall health and wellness routine, allowing them to maintain their physique, even as they age, and fitness becomes more difficult.

For more information on TruSculpt 3D, be sure to contact us today!

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