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Depression is a disease that is extremely difficult to fight off. Many famous celebrities have even died from the disease, including well-known and loved actors such as Robin Williams. Depression has proven difficult to find answers for, but new science has found a very promising new treatment: A ketamine drip.

Are you are intrigued by all the new recent findings on using ketamine drip therapy?
Learn more on how ketamine may be your answer for Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Bi-Polar Depression & PTSD.

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In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted at the Massachusetts General Hospital, researchers found that a Ketamine drip significantly improved depression symptoms within hours of being administered in 70% of patients.

The study showed that the ketamine drip also lasted longer than expected, with the results of the drip lasting for about a week. More research needs to be done, as there have been no long-term studies done on the effectiveness of ketamine drips.

If you have been struggling with depression, a ketamine drip may be a good option for you. Ketamine has many benefits. It has been found to work well in treatment-resistant depression, including severe depression or suicidal thoughts, and has even been used in some emergency rooms to treat suicidal thinking.

Depression is a very serious illness. It can rob you of your ability to enjoy life, your health, and even your life. If your depression has not responded well to traditional therapies and you are desperate for answers, a ketamine drip could give you the relief you are looking for.

What to expect from ketamine drip therapy
It can be a little frightening to try something new with your body. Knowing what to expect during your appointment can help ease your concerns and make the process more comfortable. The process is simple, and you do not need to be hospitalized or kept overnight for it.

During treatment, you will relax in a comfortable infusion chair. Your vitals will be monitored, and the room you are being treated in will usually be private. A small needle will be inserted into your vein, attached to an IV bag that will drip the ketamine into your system.

Ketamine will reach your brain relatively quickly, and you may find your depression symptoms lifting relatively quickly. During the drip, you’re welcome to just relax or listen to music while Ketamine Infusion in NYC therapy is happening.

Ketamine does not work for everyone, but if you’re one of the 30% who do not find themselves responding to ketamine, you will find out relatively quickly. If after a few sessions you find your depression has not improved, it’s safe to assume you are non-responsive to ketamine and change your game plan.

Ketamine is a potential game changer in the world of depression. If you suffer from depression and have not found any workable solutions, ketamine could help you. There are relatively few side effects, and many of these side effects are minor.

If you have depression, or other mental health conditions such as PTSD, and are looking for a potential solution, talk to your local Queens ketamine infusion clinic about whether ketamine might be the right choice for you. It may be the solution you have been searching for. Government ran ketamine drip clinical trials have proven it effective; it’s time that anyone with depression begins to explore this avenue. Call Dr. V. today to schedule a free consultation and learn more.

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