Everyone wants to stay forever young; however, it could be quite overwhelming, trying to keep your facial skin always smooth. The skin of your face is prone to damages that may result from stress or any environmental factors. This is has made the constant rejuvenation of the skin more than a mere necessity if you ever desire to have an ever glowing and smooth skin. A facial treatment can be an effective defense against telltale signs of aging.

What Is The Hydrafacial Treatment?

HydraFacial is one of the landmark inventions in the world of cosmetic treatment. It is a non-invasive facial treatment that works to clear the skin and bring out its natural radiance. Face lines, wrinkles, mild acne, hyper-pigmentation, clogged/enlarged pores, dark spots, and oily skin are all squarely tackled by this treatment.

Over time, the treatment procedure has gained so much in popularity as treatment is carried out every 15 minutes all over the world. The popularity of this procedure can be credited to the fact that it has virtually no downtime and can improve skin glow, hydration, and radiance in just minutes.

How It Works

The HydraFacial treatment procedure works with the help of a unique, spiral suction tip that sucks in the impurities so that the serum can be delivered deep into the pores of the skin. It is suitable for all kinds of skin. The technique employed in the treatment procedure, removes all kinds of blemishes, dead cells, and other impurities easily, giving you a clear and soft complexion that feels young and beautiful. The serums used in the procedure hydrates the skin, keeping moisturized and nourished feel. In a bid to exfoliate and hydrate the skin with no damage or pain, various antioxidants can be utilized.

The procedure takes around 30-45 minutes. In some cases, it may go for a little longer if it is being applied to a larger surface area. The technology can be applied on the neck, face, and chest, all depending on your choice. The possibility of applying this procedure all over the skin is not to be overruled yet. The results of the HydraFacial treatments are almost immediate; you need not stay housebound for hours.   As for side effects, they are not much known, and you need not worry about them. There’s always no or slight irritation which will also disappear in a matter of minutes (not more than 15 minutes).

The Hydrafacial process is a kind of hydradermabrasion procedure, quite unlike the microdermabrasion. It does not blast your skin with different chemicals; instead, it utilizes a serum that penetrates deep into the layers of your skin and removes all the dead cells and marks.

The multiple procedures in the treatment include;

The preliminary stage involves the thorough cleansing of the skin. All the dead cells in the skin are exfoliated to permit a fresh and new layer of skin.

The acid peel is employed to loosen all the dirt that is stuck to the skin. The peel diligently loosens it all without causing any irritation to the skin.

Once the acid peel has loosened the deep-set specks of dirt in the skin, the vortex suction is then used to extract the dirt. This suction aids in opening up the pores. Once the pores are opened, they are hydrated with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid in order to nourish the skin and make it look young and healthy.

Our team of qualified dermatologists is always at your service to offer you the best skin treatment that will meet your requirements way beyond your expectations. All your questions will be squarely answered at our service clinic. Contact us now!

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