Best Vein Removal Methods: Sclerotherapy Vs Laser Vs Phlebectomy

Our veins provide a vital service to our bodies, pushing blood back to the heart. Sometimes factors such as genetics, weight, and even gravity itself can weaken blood vessels and cause undesirable effects. Varicose veins and spider veins are some of the unsightly results of these factors and can be uncomfortable as well as ugly.

There is nothing you can do to prevent varicose veins from happening, but there are some things you can do to reduce their appearance. The best bet is to simply put less strain on your veins. Losing weight can help, daily exercise can improve circulation health, and avoiding standing or sitting for long periods of time can also reduce the risks.

Another self-care tip is to wear compression stockings and elevate your legs when resting. These can all help reduce the symptoms of varicose and spider veins.

When varicose veins do become a problem, there are medical things you can do as well. Vascular clinics who specialize in vein removal can help reduce the unsightly appearance of your veins, and also the discomfort associated with them.



Sclerotherapy is the most common form of vein removal. During this simple procedure, the vein is injected with a chemical that irritates the vessel. For safety, you are observed for a few hours after treatment, and compression stockings are worn for 2-3 weeks. During this time the vein will stick together, blocking blood flow to the weekend veins. The result is better blood flow in the area, reduced swelling, and eventually, the disappearance of the veins.

You may need several treatments in order to complete the process.


Laser treatment

Laser treatment is another option to treat both spider veins and varicose veins. Laser therapy is strong enough to destroy the problem vein, but won’t damage the skin above it. This option will require slightly less time in compression socks, but you will have to avoid the sun during this process. Sun exposure to the area can result in dark spots developing on the skin.


Ambulatory Phlebectomy

This method of vein removal is less common but is used on those who prefer not to wait for their vein to disappear. In this procedure, the vein is hooked out of the leg with a crochet hook like device. The vein is immediately gone, and thus so is the visible lines.

This choice is not a good option for those who are on blood thinning medications, due to the risks associated with clotting.

There are a few other, more invasive options such as endoscopic vein surgery, but these are usually not the most desirable choices. They may require a longer recovery period, or cause minimal scarring. Talk to your doctor about your varicose or spider veins in order to determine what is the best choice for you.

A doctor can take a look at your health history and help you form a plan that is both good for your health and good for your appearance too.

Common Medicals Spa Services & Finding A Good One

Medical spas are a crossover between a traditional spa for relaxation and a medical clinic. They provide a relaxing spa experience while also incorporating medical expertise from a clinician. A medical spa is overseen by a doctor, to give you peace of mind that you are in the hands of qualified experts. Any medical treatments done at a medical spas are done by healthcare professionals under the watch of a physician. While medical spas offer facials, massages and beauty treatments much like a normal spa- they also offer procedures that you’d usually see only in a doctors practice. Not only is a medical spa relaxing, but they can also improve your health, well-being and perform cosmetic procedures.

A medical spa can be a good option if you have anxiety over being in a medical environment. Some people have such a phobia of doctors’ offices that they have a panic attack, or even faint- simply from walking through the door. Medical spas tend to have serene, more luxurious interior décor and a chilled-out vibe. This makes getting medical treatments a lot more stress-free, allowing you to unwind both before and after the procedure.

You may be wondering what kind of treatments medical spas have to offer that traditional spas don’t do. Here are some examples of things you can get done at a medical spa.


Liposuction is a procedure that can slim and reshape parts of your body. Fat is removed from the body by suction through a tube and can be done under either general or local anesthesia. It varies depending on how much fat is being removed. Liposuction procedures are a miracle cure for those who are severely overweight. It works for those who are within 30 per cent of their ideal weight and have firm, elastic skin with no cellulite. If you’re looking to get Liposuction at a medical spa, you have to make sure that the person performing it is a doctor. Many rip-off companies will lure you in with cheaper prices, only to have an unqualified person do the procedure. This could bring huge harm to your health and appearance.


Injecting Botulinum Toxin A removes wrinkles from the skin, and it most commonly used to reduce facial lines. It’s hugely popular nowadays, and it’s rare to see a celeb who hasn’t had it done. Since it involves sticking needles into the skin, it is recommended that at the very least- a registered nurse carries out the procedure. These days, you see many hair and nail salons offering to do Botox- and this is a recipe for disaster. Before getting Botox, a doctor at the medical spa should screen you to make sure you don’t have any condition that would make the treatment unsafe. For example, those with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, blurred vision or disorder of the peripheral nerves shouldn’t be getting Botox. By going to a medical spa, you can be assured that what you’re getting done has been approved by a doctor.


Hydrotherapy, in basic terms, is doing exercises in a body of water- usually a pool. The pools pressure and temperature are carefully controlled for maximum results. Hydrotherapy can help strengthen and ease the muscles in those with chronic conditions. It can be useful for those with arthritis, back pain, poor muscle tone and even those who have had limb/hip replacements. The warmth of the water relaxes muscles and eases the pain, whilst the water supports your weight- allowing you to exercise without putting a strain on joints. The resistance of the water is perfect for training up weak muscles, giving some people more ability to move. To get hydrotherapy treatment that works, make sure it’s done by a licensed therapist. By going to somebody who isn’t a physiotherapist, you run the risk of hydrotherapy not doing anything, or even making your condition worse.

Finding a reputable spa

Finding a reputable medical spa is very important. By going somewhere that’s cheap but unqualified/unlicensed, you run the risk of something bad happening. We’ve all seen the photos of botched Botox and other cosmetic procedures. You may think you’re saving money, but in the long run, you’ll be spending 3 times the amount to fix your mistake. Here are some tips for choosing your perfect medical spa.

  • Check who owns the spa. Is the spa owned by a licensed doctor? If so, do they oversee all medical procedures? These are questions you have to ask before booking in for any treatment. Don’t be afraid, any med-spa worth your time won’t have a problem answering these simple inquiries.
  • Don’t go to one spa for all of your treatments. Some spas are better than others at certain things or specialize in one niche- such as fillers, hair transplantation or medical facials. While one spa may have the best Botox technician around, they may not be up to date on laser hair removal technology. Read reviews, and remember to ask lots of questions to each spa you’re considering.
  • Research, research and more research. Before you get any treatment available at a medical spa, make sure you understand it thoroughly first. Weigh up the benefits of the treatment against the potential risks it holds, and learn how it’s actually done. Also, think about whether you could manage the aftercare- because it’s not as simple of getting a treatment done and that’s it. By jumping in ignorant- you leave yourself much more vulnerable to scams and shoddy jobs.

We hope that this article has given you a greater understanding of the medical spa world- what they are, what they do and what to look out for when choosing one. Medical spas can be an amazing way to relax your mind, whilst receiving care that will enhance your beauty or quality of life. But it’s a double-edged sword. In a small minority of cases, medi-spas can be really harmful to your appearance and health. Make sure you research what you’re doing, and only visit a reputable establishment.

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Body Sculpting vs Coolsculpting vs Trusculpt 3d

Are you looking to improve your figure and get rid of that stubborn fat? Body contour procedures are growing more and more in popularity in recent years. Many celebs, like Jennifer Aniston, Mariah Carey and Khloe Kardashian are all jumping on the trend.

If you’re wanting to get some fat reducing body contouring done, but are new to the whole thing- it can be pretty confusing. There are so many treatment options on the market today, and it’s hard to understand the differences between them. In this article, we are going to go over 3 non-invasive options for quickly improving your figure, discuss how they work and consider which may be best for you.

Cool sculpting

Also known as Cryolipolysis, Coolsculpting (CS) involves a plastic surgeon using a device to freeze fat cells under the skin. This destroys the fat cells, and over time, they are gradually broken down by our body and removed from our system. Results aren’t instant, but they’re definitely significant. The body removes fat cells gradually, over weeks and weeks- and clients have shown fat loss of up to 25 percent. Coolsculpting usually costs around $1000 per treatment.

Approved by the FDA, Coolscultping is generally considered to be a safe procedure. It comes with minimal side effects, such as:

  • Minor swelling
  • Redness and tenderness of the treated area
  • Bruising
  • Diarrhea as the body gets rid of cells

In the worst case scenario, those who have had Coolsculpting could get Paradoxial adipose hyperplasia (PAH) in the treatment area. While it’s very rare, it’s important to be informed about it. PAH is when the fat cells grow larger rather than get destroyed. You could be left with a large swelling on the body that doesn’t go away on its own. While PAH isn’t usually a health risk- it can completely ruin self-esteem and body image.

Unlike invasive, intense plastic surgeries- patients of Cryolipolysis can usually resume their normal activities as soon as the procedure is done. It doesn’t come with the difficult aftercare you’d need from a traditional surgery such as lipo. It’s a lot less painful, too. Some people don’t have the time to wait out recovery, or simply can’t manage the pain. Coolsculpting is a good option for those people.

Coolsculpting is best used on certain parts of the body- it won’t work everywhere. Generally, people get Coolscultping done on their abdomen, thighs, chin/neck, armpits, back and buttocks.  Generally, it takes 3 sessions to achieve desired results, but patients can expect to see up to 25 percent fat loss after one session.

Body Sculpting

Also known as SculpSure, body sculpting is very similar to Coolsculptng in concept. Fat cells under the skin are destroyed, processed by the liver and removed from the body. However, the difference between Coolscultping and Bodysculpting is the method used to destroy the fat cells. Body sculpting doesn’t use targeted cold temperatures, it uses advanced laser technology. It kind of works the opposite way to Coolsculptng. Instead of the fat cells being frozen to death, they are heated to death. In the same vein as Coolsculpting, results from body-sculpting can’t be seen overnight. The results will come on over time as the body removes dead fat cells.

Again, like Coolsculpting, Bodysculpting is approved by the FDA and considered medically safe. Body-sculpting normally costs a little less than Coolsculpting, but is there a cost for this lower price point? Not really, in fact- you may be better off going for Laser-induced body-sculpting.

Unlike Coolsculpting, which can only focus on one area at a time- bodysculpting can work on 4 areas all at once. It’s also much quicker treatment and can be over in as little as 15 minutes. The applicators used in Sculpture reduce the side effects seen more heavily in Coolsculpting. It uses flat applicators, unlike the more distressing suction applicators seen in CS. The flat applicator is less involved with the skin- reducing swelling, redness and bruising.

No procedure comes without risks, though. Paradoxical Apidose Hyperplasia could happen with any of these 3 treatments, and it’s something you’ll always have to consider before undergoing any of these body contouring methods.

Trusculpt 3D

While Coolsculpting uses targeted cold temperature, and bodyculpting uses laser technology- Trusculpt 3d uses radio frequencies to heat fat tissues to 45-47degrees. Again, it works pretty much the same as the other 2 body contouring methods. The fat cells are destroyed, and the body removes them over time.

Targeted radio frequencies have been used in the medical world for years as a cancer treatment. Trusculpt 3d is considered medically safe and is said to come with the least amount of side effects out of the three treatments. Radio frequencies penetrate deeper and avoid the surface skin more than in CS and BS, lowering the risk of a burning sensation. Of course, the risk of Paradoxial Apidose Hyperplasia is always there- but the risk is reduced with Trusculpt 3d.

It is also said that Trusculpt 3d has a wider range of applicators suitable for more body types. If you’ve found no luck with Coolsculpting or Bodyculpting- Trusculpt 3d may be the option you’ve been missing out on.


Whichever of these treatments you decide to go with, the most important thing is doing your research. This article has outlined the basics of each procedure. However, if you’re seriously considering investing time and risk- make sure you understand the ins and out of each treatment before going through with it. It is vital that you go to a real, qualified plastic surgeon. There are places that may tempt you with lower price points, but remember- if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. It’s not worth putting your appearance and health at risk for the sake of saving a few dollars. We hope we’ve been able to give you a good insight into the world of Coolsculpting, Bodysculpting and Trusculpt 3D. We wish you the best of luck in your journey.

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TRUSCULPT3D Body Contouring: Why It Works

They say the best way to fight fat is through proper diet and exercise, but the fact is that there will always be stubborn pockets of fat that are hard to burn. These include love handles and abdominal fat, jiggly thighs or inner arms, the “back bra bulge” (for women) or chest fat (for men).

These problematic areas can be treated with non-invasive body contouring or body shaping treatments. Unlike liposuction that involve making a surgical incision and then suctioning fat through a tube, these break down fat through radio-frequency or RF technology.

One of the latest RF treatments is the TruSculpt3D. Unlike other body sculpting or body contouring treatments, this breakthrough technology can reduce your body fat by 24% in just one session!


The TruSculpt 3D body contouring treatment was released by Cutera in 2017. This machine has a special hand-piece that delivers safe and targeted radio-frequency energy to the body part you want to contour. The RF waves heats up the fat cells and breaks them down. Your body recognizes that these fat cells are damaged beyond repair, and then flushes out the fat cells naturally.

The radio-frequency energy does not damage the skin or surrounding tissue, so it is completely safe. Your skin does not get irritated, and there’s no risk that it will damage internal organs.


  1. It is non-invasive. Liposuction and other surgical treatments all require hospitalization and anesthesia, which all have corresponding health risks and recovery time.
  2. It does not require long recovery time. You can have a Trusculpt treatment in the doctor’s clinic and go home right after your session. You don’t have to change your routine or take a leave off from work.
  3. It has no side effects. Aside from some bruising and mild swelling, you will not feel any discomfort after your session. If you feel a mild ache in the area, you can apply ice packs or take over the counter pain relievers, aspirin, or anti-inflammatories.


TruSculpt can break down small pockets of stubborn fat. It’s not really about weight loss, but getting a slimmer silhouette by removing small areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.

You can see results a few weeks after the treatment when the body fat cells completely break down and are flushed out of your body.


You will be asked to lie down. The doctor will then apply the TruSculpt device to the area you want to contour. This machine will deliver targeted pulses of RF energy. You will feel some heat, but it is not uncomfortable – in fact, it is less painful than other RF treatments that require a cooling machine.

Each pulse lasts about 4 minutes, before the doctor moves to the next area and repeats the process. Depending on your case and the area that you want to contour, a session can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.


It’s best to consult with a trained aesthetic doctor on the best contouring treatments for your body goals. Schedule an appointment to find out more about TruSculpt and whether it’s right for you.

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4 Best Laser Treatments for Scars & Acne in NYC

Are acne and scars on your otherwise picture-perfect skin giving you the heebie-jeebies? If yes, we have got some great news for you.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that acne flare-ups are a teen-only problem. Contrary to common belief, acne can affect anyone, at any age, even in later adult years. Even worse, these blemishes often leave unsightly scars on your skin. While there’s no magic bullet to making acne and scars go away, laser treatments have proven to be safe, effective, and results in blemish-free, youthful-looking, and radiant skin.

What’s Laser Treatment for Acne and Scars?

Usually known as laser & intense pulsed light (IPL), this is a non-invasive and revolutionary treatment that provides a safe and permanent solution to acne flare-ups and scarring. It makes use of micro-fine laser technology to reach deep into the skin’s top layer and eliminate damage tissue. The procedure itself is simple and fast, usually lasting about 40 minutes. More crucially, it is far safer than other treatments like punch excision, glycolic acid, and harsh chemical peels. Besides, the treatment works in harmony with your skin tissue’s structure, and no anesthetic gels or creams are required.

With that said, there several types of laser treatments for scar and acne available today. It is paramount that you have a skin analyst, dermatologist or skin analyst take a look at your acne scars to figure out which type of laser treatment is best for you.

Nonetheless, here are 4 crème de la crème of laser treatments for scars and acne.

(1) Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment

CO2 laser treatment is the newest kid on the block, and certainly delivers better results than treatments. The patient, however, must meet certain criteria to qualify for the procedure. The CO2 laser produces short bursts of incredibly high-energy laser that’s used to vaporize the scarred skin tissue. According to Dr. V. Abayev, a Queens, NYC laser specialist, this method works layer by layer, and the recovery period ranges from 3-10 days.

(2) Fraxel Laser

It’s a non-ablative laser treatment, implying that it doesn’t vaporize any skin tissue. Rather, Fraxel laser heats tissue’s column with laser energy, stimulating the production of new collagen in the skin.

(3) Fractional Laser Treatment

This is hands down the best treatment for scars & acne. In this type, laser energy is used to treat only a small portion of the skin, leaving the rest intact. It offers more efficient tissue healing and production of collagen.

(4) Pixelation

Pixel laser is a state of the art skin resurfacing technique that only treats affected skin areas, leaving the rest of the skin spared. It’s the best solution for deeply-seated acne scars.

Is Microblading Worth It? A Comparison To Fillers & Extensions

Eyebrows say a lot about your looks and personality. Sadly, many people have inherited really thin and unattractive eyebrows. Many have lost their thick and dense eyebrows due to a disease. Fortunately, Microblading, a fairly new beauty technology, has made this eyebrow problems a thing of the past. This semi-permanent solution requires a treatment every few years.

Eyebrow Microblading is a recently introduced technique used in the health and beauty sectors. Patients who went through chemotherapy and lost a significant amount of eyebrow hair use Microblading. Woman looking to beautify themselves also use Microblading to reconstruct or fill-in over plucked brows. The procedure is very different from tattooing as a special Microblading pen is used to draw on individual strokes one by one. Hair-like strokes are implanted in the epidermis to give the look of fuller brows. This process is done carefully and with great accuracy in only two hours. The healing process takes not more than 20-30 days. The results will last for up to 3 years before fading out and very few touch ups are needed. Since it is not permanent, you can have your brows up to date according to the latest fashion trends. It’s recommended to re Microblade every few years. It is a relatively painless process that uses a topical numbing cream for any discomfort or pain that could potentially be felt. Just book an appointment with a local Microblading treatment center and start benefiting off this new technology.

Unlike eyebrow extensions, Microblading requires no daily maintenance whatsoever. Extensions on the other hand require outlining or completely filling in your brows everyday.

Microblading will also save money. A simple calculation will reveal that eyebrow fillings, brushes and salon visits will quickly  reach the cost of a Microblading treatment which lasts years. Not to mention all the time you will save on your daily schedule. Another great advantage of Microblading is that it does not smudge or smear off, so feel free to enjoy everyday physical activities like exercise and swimming. Finally, by Microblading, the pigment is implanted in first 3 layers of skin rather than 7 layers as in tattooing. Also, the pigment used is organic and does not lose its color over time.

In conclusion, Microblading provides you with a pain free, maintenance free, long term and affordable solution for beautiful eyebrows.

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Do Laser Treatments Work For Acne & Scars

Are Laser treatments for acne/scar right for me?

These days people are more conscious about skin care than ever before. Most of us are now looking for permanent solutions of getting rid of scars, acne and all other unwanted marks that hinder our beauty rather than achieve temporary results by sub-par quality products. Medical spas are introducing new techniques for diminishing the appearance of imperfections on skin and one of the most popular and common methods being employed are laser treatment for acne and scars. The laser treatments really do work and have been proven to be best in clearing acne scars and has been a blessing for all those who were facing severe acne issues.

Laser Treatment Types:

Frazel laser:

This treatment heals tissue columns and stimulates collagen production in skin.

Carbon Dioxide Laser:

This treatment is even more advanced than Frazel as it vaporizes the scarred tissues.

Fractional laser treatment:

This procedure stimulates faster healing of skin tissues and production of new collagen.

Whichever laser procedure you use it is worth discussing that laser treatments are much more effective and safer than antiquated treatments such as punch excision, harsh chemical peels, glycolic acid and strong surgical lasers.

Does Laser Work On Acne?

Laser treatments kill the acne causing bacteria but also reduce oil producing glands that stimulate acne outbursts. Enlarged oil glands secrete a great amount of oil which blocks pores and causes acne. Laser therapy helps reduce these trouble causing glands. Acne breakouts often cause an inflammation that is resolved with laser treatments which normalize blotchy and red inflamed skin. The redness on the face that is seen with acne can also be effectively treated with pulse dye laser

Conclusions On Laser For Skincare

Damage to the inner layers of the skin is of big concern; where the application of gels and ointments can only temporarily restore outer layers, laser therapy effectively reaches the deep layers. This therapy does not cause any pain but one can experience a little discomfort. Laser provides quick and instantaneous results compared to older and more dangerous skin-care methods. The time for a successful treatment also depends upon severity of the acne and scars. Laser procedures provide more accuracy than conventional surgical tools. At times we may become complacent with topical products that provide temporary results. Laser treatment, on the other hand, get rid of acne scars and blemishes permanently and make your skin glow. Laser resurfacing also results in even tone smooth skin, tight texture and rejuvenation. Moreover, it’s an outpatient procedure so the good news is you don’t have to stay at treatment center overnight.

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Do PRP Hair Injection Treatments Really Work?

Having nice healthy hair is a real blessing. Hair adds to the overall look and personality of a person. Those who are not gifted with a full head of hair can now benefit from advancements in the field of dermatology. One such achievement is Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy or PRP therapy. After all, no one would want to compromise younger looks for hair loss and thinning hair if they didn’t have to.

Hair loss can be the result of stress, skin disease, poor diet, hereditary issues or lifestyle. PRP therapy is non-surgical and effective solution to this problem. It is an innovative technique that increases the hair growth rapidly. It is a safe procedure in which one’s own blood is used to stimulate the growth of hair follicles. Platelets are separated from ones blood and injected into the scalp helping the generation of hair follicles and resulting in the growth of new hair. In addition to platelets, PRP injections also contain growth factors and cytokines that work as stimulants for hair growth. During treatment mild anesthesia or topical anesthesia is given to minimize discomfort and make the procedure pain free. Multiple visits to your local PRP injections treatment center are required to ensure maximum success.

Advantages Of Using PRP Treatments For Hair Loss:

Scientific and medical evidence supports the use of PRP as safe and effective for male and female androgenetic hair loss. Medical literature published all around the world also confirms the safety of PRP therapy in medicine, not only for hair growth but other medical procedures as well. This aesthetic procedure can attribute a lot of it’s success due to the fact the patient is using their own blood . This eliminates risk of any allergic or sensitivity reactions. According to to one of the biggest PRP research centers there are also cannot be any development of tumors or cancers due to PRP since the injections use the patient’s own blood sample. Among the many benefits of PRP, the most important one is the effectiveness that can be achieved through PRP injections. All the aforementioned research has also illustrated that positive results are seen within three to six months of treatment. Within only a few months, patients show improvements in hair count, strength and density. A randomized placebo-controlled trial showed these positive results in favor of PRP therapy. The results of this study showed significant increase in mean hair count for the treated area after just three months while the control area showed decrease in mean hair growth. This Platelet-Rich Plasma study published by PMC, thus, assures the effectiveness of PRP scalp injections. Finally, the procedure is equally effective for both male and female pattern hair loss and has natural looking results.

So do PRP hair regrowth injections really work?

  • Yes, we’ve proven the injection of your own blood provides a combination of safety and results never attained in hair regrowth before.

Moreover, this treatment has proven to be affordable. A study published by European Journal of Plastic Surgery reported that PRP injections possess an extremely low cost-to-benefit ratio. Thus,  PRP appears to be cheap, effective and a promising therapy for androgenic alopecia with no signs of major side effects.  So why not consult your local medical spa or PRP specialist today and regain your youthful looks!

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